Your Professional Realtor®

Specializing in North & West Vancouver, British Columbia

I love the North Shore of Vancouver, BC where I was raised in West Bay, West Vancouver, BC. We enjoy an enviable lifestyle for families, singles and with our pets in residential areas,  from the magnificent shores 

of the Oceanfront to Mountainside serenity with views galore!

If you are a Buyer, allow me to introduce you to a prime selection of properties that will exceed your expectations. If you are considering selling your home: my lifetime passion and understanding of, all the beauty and amenities the North Shore offers, alongside my wide network of contacts, substantial work experience and being a 'People Person' by nature, combine to be a great advantage to my Clients I'm a 'Homegrown' REALTOR®' following proudly in our Mom's, Nan Hartwick's, exceptionally, successful Real Estate career: a reputation that is a Legacy gift: '

My Grandfather (Mom's Dad) was from Belfast.  I love my Irish blood:  my tenacity to 'Never Give Up' comes to me honestly and that defines my focus to satisfy My Client's wishes.

`Like Mother - Like Daughter - Always & Forever'