"Thoughts/passions I'd like to share with you"

WATERFRONT . . . . A JEWEL asset of West Vancouver and I'd be proudly, delighted to introduce Buyers to variety of waterfront properties available!  The ocean surrounding West Vancouver offers incredible boating access to so many wonderful destinations and it's my property PASSION!

In the summertime, when we weren't boating, we enjoyed the waterfront at home.  Growing up across from the oceanfront, not only was our view spectacular, but we loved summer days when Mom would pack a picnic & we'd head down to 'The Rocks' as seen in this video.  Swimming was always fun, especially as the ocean came up over the hot rocks that flowed into the water.  I treasure those memories!  

There are many luxury residences built on the rocks that etch some of the shoreline, or those that enjoy beachfront access and low bank.  Perhaps, you'd like to dock your yacht right at your home . . . . I can show you where you can do that, too!  

My lifetime in West Vancouver, BC offers my Clients, both Sellers & Buyers, the added advantage of a deep understanding of the lifestyle is all about, how where in West Van, suits your needs the best - it's in my 'being'.


April 30, 2020   

Here's some great advice for taking care of scratches, perhaps from those playful pooches of yours, on hardwood flooring.  The Spruce, is a very helpful resource online, that I subscribe to, for natural cleaning ideas, Decor, Gardening etc.  Their over 45 writers with expertise in contracting, remodelling, cooking, crafts, landscaping etc, is a helpful, creatively practical  'go to' for Homeowners.  

If you are renovating and wish to upgrade your flooring but don't wish to do a full floor sanding job, try this easy to follow scratch repair procedure - even if you're a 'beginner'!


April 22, ​2020

Today, being a gorgeous sunny Spring Earth Day, I knew it was a perfect time to take a walk in my neighbourhood, of Upper Caulfeild, West Vancouver armed with my camera.  As I sauntered down the mountainside, being serenaded by birdsong much louder than usual, I reflected on all the astounding beauty. It was quieter than normal, due to the Global Pandemic, but oh so rewarding!  

The flowers were flourishing, as if to give hope:  "There is a fresh beginning post this 'Stay-at-Home' period but enjoy the best out of everyday in the meantime!"  It was a gift to myself, that cost nothing. but reenergized my spirit - sparked my creativity!

All too often, in the midst of our hectic lives, we forget to appreciate the simple 'Gifts' that are right in front of us, if we only became more aware; outside of 'Selves'

Perhaps a huge positive that has been born out of this challenging, Pandemic, is that we were forced to slow down and reflect on what is REALLY important in LIFE.

Another positive globally is that our environment is showing signs of cleaning up from the thoughtless damage we have done to our EARTH: waters globally are clearing:  eg the residents in Venice, Italy, miraculously see the bottom of their Canals, instead of the murky pollution; the air we breathe is clearing; the noise levels have decreased . . . . surely this is a message to mankind to treat Mother Earth more with more conscious kindness - A badly needed WAKEUP CALL.


November 14/19 ​

Having LOVED pups and kitties all my life, I think of them as members of our family, as I'm sure all 'Pet Lovers' do! 

With that in mind, when assisting you to search for your new home, I will always be sensitive to the needs of your Pets, too; whether you are  downsizing to a Condo or purchasing a new, detached home with requiring a protectively, fenced yard!  Both of our Condo listings under 'FEATURED RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES ARE 'PET FRIENDLY

'Expect the Best' with focused caring about ALL of your family's needs.


November 18,2019​

When showing Properties to families with young children, I often get asked which school catchment applies to the area they are interested in?  It's a key factor to know how the Elementary Schools are rated and their locations.

Growing up in Beautiful West Bay, West Vancouver, BC, we attended West Bay Elementary School - one of the top rated schools in British Columbia (pictured to the left).  The woods I used to pay house in and the playfield are still the same - comforting!

There are beautiful residential homes in the West Bay/Westmount  community, including the listing shown under the sub heading: 'Spectacular Detached Homes'. 

I have two prospective Listings coming up very close to West Bay Elementary.  If you would like to have a tour of homes in this area, I'd be very pleased to show you one of my favourite communities!

Please click on Button below for the ratings of British Columbia Elementary and Secondary Schools